Status Violations/Termination/Reinstatement

Title: Status Violations/Termination/Reinstatement of F-1 Students

Next Training Date: TBA

Understanding the guidelines that govern us and our students in International Admissions and Advising is crucial. Maintaining the status of a student is by far the most important part of their educational journey.  Also, we strive to practice ethically and this is certainly an area that may sometimes seem difficult to determine.

We will discuss the in depth process of maintaining a student's status and what to do if they don't.  We will also cover the process of reinstatement.  Consider this an excellent guide for you and your office to maintain certification and serve students properly.  

This one hour webinar focuses on what are the status violations for F-1 International Students. We will discuss the different types of violations that may lead to termination of a student's SEVIS record and how to handle the process of reinstatement for these students. We will discuss specific situations and strategies for serving students who may violate their status. Ethically practicing in our profession will also be discussed with specific situations. The webinar will assist you in making sure you are compliant with regulations along with being student centered.