Start Your Own Company

Educational Consulting is nothing new, however, most of it is now run by large companies that overcharge and under deliver. Ever sat in a seminar or online training that cost your institution a pretty penny and thought you could do as good or better job than the person speaking to you?

I felt the same way over 11 years ago and took the leap myself to create Teman Training and Consulting. Since then, while working full time, I have been able to train over 2800 institutions and over 22,000 individuals in my specialty of International Education Regulations. This provided me with the chance to offer affordable and important training to my colleagues nationwide.

I am now offering a 5 part seminar on how to do this yourself. If you consider yourself a dynamic educator or speaker and you have an area of expertise, this can be life changing and fun. Check out the details below!

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Cost - $750.00

Seminar Modules and Live Dates

Module 1 - Getting Started - Held 4/28/21 at 8pm ET

  • Developing your area of training expertise
  • Setting up your company with the IRS
  • Website and email setup options for your business

Module 2 - The Setup - Held 5/5/21 at 8pm ET

  • Keeping your overhead costs under $300 per month
  • Registration form development
  • Invoicing and collecting payments
  • Intro to email marketing software options

Module 3 - Customer Acquisition - Held 5/12/21 at 8pm ET

  • Acquiring potential customers
  • Contact upload tactics
  • Understanding your audience
  • Price points

Module 4 - Marketing - Held 5/19/21 at 8pm ET

  • Message development
  • Timing
  • Automating your processes

Module 5 - Preparing for Launch - Held 5/26/21 at 8pm ET

  • Testing
  • Customer responsiveness
  • Small business tax benefits and implications
  • Future planning and development

Each module will be recorded and distributed to participants at the conclusion of each session. You will have unlimited access to these recordings.

As part of your registration, you will also have unlimited phone, email, or online consultation available from me for 6 months after the initial module is complete.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you have about this opportunity.