SEVIS Recertification and I-20 Issuance

Title:  Issuing the I-20 and Recertification Guidance

Next Training Date:  TBA

The foundation of working with F-1 International Students is Issuing the I-20 and in this training we will discuss that in detail.  We will also take a look at the role the Field Service Reps will take on.  Also, included in this training, is an up to date look at what you need to do, as an institution, to be prepared for recertification.  It has been determined that most schools will have to undergo recertification every 2 years.  It is crucial to know what they are looking for and how to be up to date.  We will certainly make sure you are ready. 

This one hour webinar focuses on what is required to issue the I-20 certificate of eligibility for F-1 International Students.  Focus will be on proper admission to the college through obtaining transcripts, financial documents, testing, etc.  We will also cover what happens after issuance of the I-20 and what students can expect to occur at their F-1 Visa interview.  We will also cover very recent changes to the I94 card and what to tell current and new students about this new procedure.  Finally, we will offer extensive guidance on the new need to be prepared for recertification as we are now being told that we will undergo this every 2 years.

Along with this we will discuss the need to input accreditation into SEVIS and the roles of the field service reps.