Maintaining F-1 Status

Title: Maintaining F-1 Status from Initial I-20 through OPT

Maintaining F-1 Student status is one of the most crucial aspects of working in International Admissions and Advising.  The various regulations that govern what a student can and can't do throughout their journey are not always understood by both students and ourselves.  In this new webinar we will discuss what regulations govern student status along with how to assist students in avoiding the common mistakes that cause issues with their status.  See full details below. 

Below is a summary of what will be covered in this training:

  • Instructions for after the initial I-20 issuance
  • Entry into the U.S. and reporting requirements
  • Orientation topics to be covered
  • Full course of study requirements and pitfalls
  • Authorization of reduced courseload
  • Online course regulations
  • Curricular Practical Training errors
  • Tips for on-campus employment
  • Travel during study
  • Program extension
  • Common violations of status
  • Reporting on OPT
  • Grace Periods