F-1 Student Employment Regulations

Title: F-1 International Student Employment Regulations.

Next Training Date: TBA

Understanding the employment regulations for F-1 Students is crucial in our positions. This training will give you all the details needed to assist students and follow regulations.  We will discuss all forms of employment.

The Department of Homeland Security has implemented new measures to make sure we are serving the student within regulations.  Understanding regulations can prevent issues with student satisfaction and certification for our schools.  Administration of student employment is one of the more confusing tasks for DSOs.  We will go in depth about the process, according to regulations, along with making sure the proper information is being given to students

This one hour webinar focuses on what is required to recommend and administer Optional Practical Training to F-1 International Students. We will also look at other forms of employment.  The session will talk about the following:

    Time limits on OPT

    When to apply

    How to administer OPT through SEVIS

    How to receive the EAD (Employment Authorization Document)

    How the new changes to the STEM extension works.

    Forms included in the process

    Curricular Practical Training

    Severe Economic Hardship Employment

    On Campus Employment